large shrooms


It’s more than just a saying

It’s an embodiment of a person’s character, logic, and soul

To stand in one’s presence without saying a word to them and feeling the energy radiate off of their body

Levels is gravitating to something you know nothing about but you know it’s right

Levels is a mindset that will leave you mind blown and changing your ways

Levels is more than just feeding your stomach but also your mind body and inner being

A soul will starve if it’s not fed the correct nutrients

Stimulate all your senses

The brain is a muscle. The mind is only as strong as the host enables it to be

There are levels to this shit, no?

Be more than just a body


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An Envy So Sweet

I wish I knew more about Eve

What kind of woman was she

She doomed all of mankind to sin

But beyond that, who was she

Before and after imperfect

What were her thoughts, what were her strengths

What powers did she hold? Not just over Adam but her own self.

Her favorite color fruit what made her laugh

Did she have a special name for Adam?

Did they still love each other for the thousands of years they lived on?

She was perfection love wisdom grace & beauty.

As much as I curse her I envy her





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I’m Doing Fine

  ” If I just isolate myself… I don’t disappoint anyone. If no one hears from me, if no one knows what I am doing, how I am doing, what I am feeling, if I am suffering… if they don’t know a thing then I won’t feel like complete shit. 

   The less known the better and worse… Sometimes I want to scream in a crowded place. I want to explode and not exist anymore. Sometimes I feel that if I disappeared in the permanent way I would be okay




Don’t ask me how I’m doing…

I’m doing fine “img_6562

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Creativity at its Finest




Hey Dreamers,

hey hey hey! How are you lovely humans!? I know, its been forever like always, but I’m back! I haven’t been just idling and wasting away my days being in a daze. I have the most thrilling news of my life. I am finally launching my own official lifestyle website: AWildDreamer.com! *praises to the blogging gods*. I am beyond excited and super grateful to be working with some of the people I have come into contact with recently. So thank you guys so much!!! & of course, thank you Ria Michelle for being the most perfect guidance throughout this process. I am working so extremely hard on this.

At first, I was like I’m just going to have this site to write about how I feel and what I do, but I barely wrote on here because I’m always out being too much of a busy body. The little that I did post, I got so many emails from you guys about my writing and visiting my Instagram page. So I figured, this is really what I want to do! Just write and actually be committed because why not. Other people have faith in me, I should tooooo!!! Hello Shanae aka A Wild Dreamer, how about following your own dreams. So here I am!!! My website (awilddreamer.com) will be launching on July 4th!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!  I love you all for being my motivation and I’m definitely excited to see where this new journey leads me.

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2 a.m. knows me best

I love you so much and I am extremely happy that you love me too. Even though I will always feel sorry for throwing myself out there to you and pouring my heart and eyes out to you that one late night, I am actually very grateful that it happened. I am really happy that I can be both vulnerable and safe at the same time when it comes to you. I don’t have to have my guard up or anything. You know me well. I am both fierce and tender at the same time, and you work so well with that. You hear every single thing my mind screams without me having to say a word and you don’t runaway. You don’t shut me up. You don’t belittle them. You take the screams and you caress them. You caress me. You soothe me. I am able to think more clearly. I smile bigger, laugh louder, and radiate brighter beams of light, because you have helped me. Being in a relationship with you has been such a lovely experience thus far and I am beyond excited for what’s to come. You’re like my knight in shining armor but like a badass version… lol. As usual, that was better in my head. I love how life works when I am with you. How I get so into you and into taking better care of myself and being happy, that I actually forget about my phone, or the time. I love the fact that time becomes an irrelevant concept that gets drowned out by all the laughter, lost beneath the tender kisses, and vanishes underneath our tent. It’s a good feeling physically being a kajillion miles away from you and yet mentally and emotionally being right there with you in everything. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait for the whole long distance thing to be over, but I do love how much it has taught me about myself and about you. & it’s cool. They say patience is a virtue, so I shall continue to remain patient. In 81 days I will be up at 2 a.m. in the morning like tonight, and instead of seeing an open blank page to type on my laptop, I’ll see you. You’ll no longer be miles away. 81 days

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Nine Mile Music Festival 2016

   The annual Nine Mile Music Festival celebrated its 23rd year of existence on February 27th at Virginia Key Beach located in Miami, FL. The Caribbean music festival was created in 1993 by Cedella Marley Booker in order to keep Bob Marley’s positive teachings alive and flourishing in our hearts. The name of the festival comes from Nine Mile Village located in Saint Ann, Jamaica, where Mr. Marley was born.

Artist Line Up: Stephen Marley. Damian Marley. Julian Marley. Skip Marley. Nas. Capleton. Protoje. Konshens. & more.

   Other than touching our hearts with beautiful messages from the music, the Nine Mile Music Festival serves so much more purpose. The concert is also used as a way to give back to those in need. The Marley’s organize a canned food drive which is then transmitted to homeless shelters and the less fortunate.

   It was truly a beautiful experience to attend the festival. The feeling of laying out on the floor and allowing my soul to take in the vibrations and messages that radiated into the audience was incredible. I was surrounded by strangers. Hundreds of people who were completely different. Yet, we all connected. We all loved each other and cared for one another because of the energy that began to grow from within us. I was surrounded by the elevating music, people from different cultures, crashing ocean waves, and cooked food. 🙂


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National Handwriting Day 📝

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