Teami Please!


A cup of positivTEA

Ahhh! I am more than excited to be writing this blog.

   Every month a small delightful parcel gets dropped off by my door step from Teami Blends. Teami Blends is a tea company that derives from Miami, FL. They are my go to tea gurus who specialize in all natural teas.

   My go to Teami tea is their Skinny Tea. It is a teatox in which I strongly recommend for those who are trying to stay healthy, or become healthier. If you want to try it out, now is the perfect time! It’s a brand new year. Why not start it off with a bang. The benefits I get from this tea are phenomenal.


Suppresses Appetite

Increases Metabolism

Diminishes Bloating

Cleanses and Detoxifies Internal Organs

Gives an Energy Boost

If this tea isn’t heaven sent then I don’t know what is. It is a loose leaf tea. With that being said, you need a diffuser, teabag, or tumblr of some sort. I went ahead and bought their purple diffuser. It’s absolutely adorable and gets the job done. You just put one teaspoon of the loose leaf tea inside of the diffuser and drop in some hot water. The Skinny Tea tastes almost like Green Tea. So sweetening it isn’t necessary if you’re a tea person. If not, put some honey or lemon in it. It’s amazing. So amazing I wanted to have the tea with me everywhere I went. Lol. So I went along and bought the matching purple Tumblr. It’s my happiness in a cup.

If you would like to try it out for yourself, use my discount code: “SHANAE” for 10% off of your purchase. Let me know which ones you decide to try and the benefits you’ve seen! xoxo



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