Nine Mile Music Festival 2016

   The annual Nine Mile Music Festival celebrated its 23rd year of existence on February 27th at Virginia Key Beach located in Miami, FL. The Caribbean music festival was created in 1993 by Cedella Marley Booker in order to keep Bob Marley’s positive teachings alive and flourishing in our hearts. The name of the festival comes from Nine Mile Village located in Saint Ann, Jamaica, where Mr. Marley was born.

Artist Line Up: Stephen Marley. Damian Marley. Julian Marley. Skip Marley. Nas. Capleton. Protoje. Konshens. & more.

   Other than touching our hearts with beautiful messages from the music, the Nine Mile Music Festival serves so much more purpose. The concert is also used as a way to give back to those in need. The Marley’s organize a canned food drive which is then transmitted to homeless shelters and the less fortunate.

   It was truly a beautiful experience to attend the festival. The feeling of laying out on the floor and allowing my soul to take in the vibrations and messages that radiated into the audience was incredible. I was surrounded by strangers. Hundreds of people who were completely different. Yet, we all connected. We all loved each other and cared for one another because of the energy that began to grow from within us. I was surrounded by the elevating music, people from different cultures, crashing ocean waves, and cooked food. 🙂



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