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Hey Dreamers,

hey hey hey! How are you lovely humans!? I know, its been forever like always, but I’m back! I haven’t been just idling and wasting away my days being in a daze. I have the most thrilling news of my life. I am finally launching my own official lifestyle website:! *praises to the blogging gods*. I am beyond excited and super grateful to be working with some of the people I have come into contact with recently. So thank you guys so much!!! & of course, thank you Ria Michelle for being the most perfect guidance throughout this process. I am working so extremely hard on this.

At first, I was like I’m just going to have this site to write about how I feel and what I do, but I barely wrote on here because I’m always out being too much of a busy body. The little that I did post, I got so many emails from you guys about my writing and visiting my Instagram page. So I figured, this is really what I want to do! Just write and actually be committed because why not. Other people have faith in me, I should tooooo!!! Hello Shanae aka A Wild Dreamer, how about following your own dreams. So here I am!!! My website ( will be launching on July 4th!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!  I love you all for being my motivation and I’m definitely excited to see where this new journey leads me.


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